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Why HelloClass?

Background Checked, Qualified and Trained Tutors

  1. We check address/identity/court Judgments (Indian, International)/bank account/phone/social profile/education certificates(against true copies). Police verification is done on exclusive request
  2. Quality is measured through subject knowledge & psychometric tests and one-on-one interview
  3. Training is done by senior subject-matter-experts

Good fit guarantee

  1. Your first hour with a suggested tutor is always free: you don't pay unless you find a good fit.
  2. If you are unhappy with your tutor after subscribing the package, No problem, we will refund the unused portion of your purchase, too
  3. Would you like help finding a different tutor instead of a refund? We can help find you another tutor at no additional cost.

Counseling and the academic guidance

  1. Our Academics team is always ready to go the extra mile to resolve doubts/queries, to create customized study plans, to strengthen academic delivery of your personal tutor and to ensure continuity.
  2. Email support is free with all plans
  3. Real time interaction with experts is available at a nominal fee

Content, Assessment and progress reviews

  1. The idea is simple. With Pool, you share tuition-and split the cost-with another person who just happens to be requesting a similar tuition nearby your area. The beauty, though, is that you still get benefits of personalized learning

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Lakshminathan Prabhakar

I hired an English teacher for my son through Helloclass. They have an excellent quality of teachers. My son who is in class 8th is taking classes with him past 1.5 years now and i have seen good improvement in his marks and understanding.
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Rana Shahed

Helloclass has provided me with an excellent teacher who is really great in teaching. She is teaching all subjects to my daughter who is in class 8th right now. My daughter is very notorious, but she has been able to handle her well. She is very punctual and regular with her classes.
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All the tutors are extremely professional and very friendly. My daughter is able to learn in a better way because of the patience and attention which she always receives from Helloclass Tutors.

About Us

We are in the business of providing supplementary education to students in the K-12 space in India. We are building an education platform to provide home tutoring, online tutoring, curriculum based assessments, worksheets, and content that are based on a highly personalized learning experience.

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