Below is a list of 10 items. Can you remember them in order after studying them for only two minutes?








The North Pole


A million quid.


The secret to a good memory is using association along with your imagination. Every day you brush your teeth. There’s nothing memorable about that. If you were brushing your teeth and a Rhinoceros came barging through the door you would certainly remember that. The world memory champions make up crazy stories and images stories to remember an amazing amount of data.

In order to remember the above list of items, you would create a story with vivid crazy absurd images in order to remember it.

Read the following story and really visualize the scenes as you go along.

Imagine driving down the road in your car, suddenly in the middle of the road a giant pigeon lands in front of you. This pigeon in about 20 ft high. You hit the pigeon, and make it angry. It picks you up by its beak and takes you up to a very high mountain and drops you on it. For hours you try and find your way off of the mountain. The mountain is huge and you find it hard to find your way down. You are dying of thirst, Eventually though you find a small water hole. You go in to get a drink, but suddenly the water gushes from the hole and takes you hundreds of feet in the air. As you look down you realize that it wasn’t a mountain you were on. It was a giant dolphin.

woman with thought bubble on chalk board

Lucky though as you are still in the air about to fall to your death a helicopter turns up and catches you. There is no room for you to sit in the helicopter, but the pilot is carrying a wardrobe on the tail and asks you to sit in there. You go in there because it’s the only place to go. As you get into the wardrobe you see a guitar. So to cheer yourself up after a bad day you play a few tunes. But your luck gets worse. The playing of the tunes causes the wardrobe to become magical. Like the Lion the witch and the wardrobe. The back of the wardrobe opens up. You walk through and realize you are in the North Pole. This day couldn’t get any worse. But it could. Just as you get into the North Pole a giant elephant starts chasing you. You run for your life. The elephant eventually catches up with you. He tells you not to worry as he is a friend. He says your whole day has been filmed as part of a game show, and you have one a million pounds. He hands you a million pounds and takes you home.

Audun Tholfsen trekking towards the North Pole

Now without looking see if you can remember the crazy surreal story and write down the list of items.

How did you get on?

This technique can be used for a number of applications. From remembering a shopping list to remembering data for exams, and remembering a list of topics for a speech.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could learn some skills that would be of great benefit to the rest of your life? What would you use a much-improved memory for? Would it be useful if you could remember the names of your clients? Would you like to be able to recall information easily for exams? How great would it be if you could remember a speech without notes? Could you imagine how much easier school would be for your kids if you passed these skills on to them?

These techniques are east to learn. You may not think you are capable of having a brilliant memory.

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